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Automation is a transformative solution that leverages technology to optimise your operations by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks. It streamlines workflows, eliminates manual errors, enhances efficiency and liberates your workforce for more strategically significant tasks.

Our automation solutions include business process automation, workflow automation, intelligent data capture and beyond. Each solution is meticulously crafted to align with your business goals, ensuring tangible and impactful results.

By embracing automation processes, you are opting for a future-ready business that thrives on efficiency, precision, and scalability. Trust LexTech as your partner in this transformative journey, creating a workspace where technology amplifies productivity, spurs growth, and sparks innovation.

Use Cases

Automation can be used to streamline the contract management process. This includes the creation of contracts using standardised templates, tracking the status of contracts, sending reminders for renewal or termination dates and even analysing contracts to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Automation can also be used to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, thus freeing up time for legal professionals to focus on more complex tasks.

In the accounting department of many organisations, processing invoices can be a repetitive and labor intensive task. By implementing automation software, businesses can auto validate invoice details, match invoices with purchase orders and even automate payments, freeing up accounting staff for more analytical tasks.

Legal firms often need to review large volumes of documents for due diligence, compliance checks, or discovery processes in litigation. This can be a time consuming and error prone task if done manually. Automation can be used to scan and analyse these documents, identify key information, flag potential issues and even generate reports. This speeds up the process and reduces the risk of human error.

Insurance brokers often need to manage a large volume of claims data for their clients. This involves collecting information about the claim, submitting it to the insurance company, tracking the claim status and communicating with the client. These tasks can be time consuming and error prone if done manually.

These tasks can be automated. When a client submits a claim, the automated workflow can collect the necessary information, submit the claim to the insurance company and update the client on the status of their claim. The system can also automatically track the claim status and send updates to the client as needed.

Streamlining New Business in the Legal Sector
Client Onboarding Solution
Case Study

Case Studies

See how we have used Automation to streamline processes for our clients.

The Process

From insightful consultation to the implementation of tailor-made solutions, LexTech covers your needs every step of the way

1. Consulting

Leveraging your insights, we meticulously evaluate your business processes and pinpoint areas ripe for technological intervention

2. Solutions

Once we understand your unique needs, we create a bespoke solution designed to meet your specific requirements

3. Implementation

managing every step of the process, we bring your customised solution to life and integrate it seamlessly into your business,

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