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Streamlining New Business Operations in the Legal Sector

Our client put into operation an all-encompassing technology solution, aiming to revamp their operational efficiency.

The ability to manage new business opportunities and onboard clients efficiently is paramount in the legal sector. Our case study focuses on a top Irish law firm that accomplished this feat by successfully implementing a comprehensive solution into their operations.

The Challenge

Our client was struggling with managing new business opportunities and streamlining the client onboarding process. They faced difficulties tracking potential clients, handling complex onboarding procedures and ensuring compliance with evolving legal and financial regulations. To overcome these issues, the firm sought an integrated solution to streamline processes while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Solution

This solution included a bespoke client relationship management (CRM) system designed to streamline the process of managing and monitoring new business opportunities. The CRM was also tailored to facilitate the onboarding of new clients. This was a critical phase where a swift and smooth onboarding process could significantly enhance the client’s experience, helping to establish a solid foundation for long term professional relationships. The cloud based solution was designed to capture and manage structured data effectively, which allowed the firm to keep track of crucial client information, engagement details, and financial data in an organised manner.

The Benefits

The implementation of the solution brought about significant benefits for our client: 

Efficient Management of New Business Opportunities: The introduction of the CRM platform offered an effective way to manage new business opportunities. It empowered the firm to track potential clients and engagements effectively.

Streamlined Onboarding Process: The integration of the cloud based platform revolutionised the onboarding process. The time taken to onboard new clients was significantly reduced, thereby improving the overall client experience.

Compliance and Finance Functions: The comprehensive solution incorporated compliance and finance functions. This ensured that the firm was consistently in line with legal and financial regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Structured Data Capture: The system’s capacity to capture structured data enriched the firm’s ability to analyse and utilise this data for strategic decision making and business development.

The Impact

The integrated solution brought about operational efficiency, improved client onboarding, enhanced regulatory compliance and efficient management of new business opportunities. The successful implementation of this technology solution positions our client as a role model for operational efficiency and client management in the legal sector.

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