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Terms and Conditions


2. Proposals remain valid for acceptance for 30 days from date of issue, unless extended by mutual agreement.


3. All rates, costs, and fees stated in proposals, related letters, or emails are in Euro and are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise indicated. VAT, where applicable, will be charged on the total amounts due to LexTech.


4. Work will only commence on receipt of a valid client purchase order number on company headed paper. If agreed in advance, work may be started based on an email acceptance of proposals where such an email is sent by an authorised client representative.


5. If the proposed schedule is not achievable during the agreed timeframe due to additional work scope, appropriate negotiation/agreement between the client and LexTech will be entered into. Any resulting Change Order requests will be issued to the client identifying the nature of the change, deliverables, time, resources, and cost. Additional (separate) purchase orders will be requested covering this element.


6. The success of this project is dependent on the full and prompt participation of the client during each phase. Therefore, the client will agree to provide access to required personnel for assigned tasks such as meetings and training following an approved project execution plan. If significant delay is incurred due to client non-participation, a Change Order may be requested.


7. To avoid any negative impact on the project schedule, the client will agree to review interim and final deliverables by either accepting or reporting any discrepancies within five working days of submitting these deliverables.


8. Unless otherwise stated, LexTech retains complete ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights arising from any new software or process designs and developments carried out by LexTech personnel on behalf of a client.


9. All unit rates and unit costs will remain fixed for the duration of the project. If the proposed schedule is not achieved during the agreed time frame due to additional work or non-participation, appropriate negotiation between the client and LexTech will be entered.

Default payment terms:

*projects: invoiced monthly as time is consumed – payable net 30

*support: invoiced in full in advance and time is used upon a drawdown basis – payable net 30


10. The above percentages refer to the total cost of services as outlined. Standard license terms apply for any third-party software components proposed.


11. Upon submission of final deliverables, Support will only be provided if funds remain on the Project PO or a support agreement is in place.


12. LexTech technology may require certain third-party software dependencies (“Dependencies”) for the use or operation of such LexTech technology. Lextech does not make any representations or warranties in respect of dependencies, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose. In particular, Lextech does not warrant that dependencies will be available, error-free, interoperable with the Lextech materials, suitable for any particular purpose or non-infringing. You assume all risks associated with the use of dependencies, including without limitation risks relating to quality, availability, performance, data loss, utility in a production environment, and non-infringement. In no event will LexTech be liable directly or indirectly in respect of any use of dependencies by you.

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