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Digitisation is the process of converting paper based information into digital formats, revolutionising the way businesses operate. By leveraging digital technologies, companies can store, access and analyse data with ease, leading to improved efficiency and decision making. Digitisation enables businesses to automate manual processes, capitalise on data driven insights and enhance collaboration across teams.

LexTech provides a broad range of digitisation solutions, from document scanning and data capture to digital archiving and cloud storage solutions. But we don’t stop there and ensure your digitised assets are properly indexed and organised for easy retrieval and effective use.

Digitisation will propel your business into the digital age, resulting in reduced costs, improved productivity, and better decision-making. Trust LexTech to transform your organisation into a more efficient, more sustainable and more competitive business in the digital era.

Use Cases

Businesses handle large volumes of documents, including contracts, case files, research and client records. Digitisation allows these documents to be stored electronically, making them easier to organise, search, and retrieve. Digital document management systems can also include features such as version control, access control and audit trails, which can help ensure the documents’ integrity and security. Furthermore, digital documents can be accessed remotely, which can be particularly useful for businesses with multiple offices or professionals who need to work remotely.

Buying and selling property involves a significant amount of paperwork, including the title deed, which proves ownership of the property. Traditionally, these documents have been paper based and stored in physical land registries. This can make the process of transferring property slow, cumbersome, and prone to errors or fraud.

Digitisation allows these title deeds to be stored electronically in a digital format. This makes them easier to search, retrieve, and transfer.

In litigation, parties often need to exchange large volumes of documents during the discovery process. Digitisation has made it possible to conduct this process electronically, known as eDiscovery. This involves using software to search, collect, and produce electronic documents, such as emails, documents, and databases. eDiscovery is faster and more efficient than traditional paper-based discovery, making it easier to handle complex or large-scale cases. In addition, eDiscovery tools can include features such as keyword search, metadata analysis, and predictive coding, which can help to identify relevant documents more quickly and accurately.
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Case Study

Case Studies

See how we have used Digitisation to streamline processes for our clients.

The Process

From insightful consultation to the implementation of tailor-made solutions, LexTech covers your needs every step of the way

1. Consulting

Leveraging your insights, we meticulously evaluate your business processes and pinpoint areas ripe for technological intervention

2. Solutions

Once we understand your unique needs, we create a bespoke solution designed to meet your specific requirements

3. Implementation

managing every step of the process, we bring your customised solution to life and integrate it seamlessly into your business,

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