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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a solution that transforms your raw data into meaningful information, helping you understand trends, predict outcomes, and make informed business decisions. Business Intelligence facilitates accurate forecasting, enhances performance monitoring, and enables proactive problem solving.

Our Business Intelligence solutions include data mining, predictive analytics and data visualisation, customised to suit your unique business needs and objectives, ensuring you gain the most value from your data.
Embracing Business Intelligence is an investment in knowledge and foresight for your business. With LexTech you can transform your data into your most powerful strategic asset, enabling you to navigate the competitive business landscape with confidence.

Use Cases

In professional services, making informed strategic decisions requires a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the business, from project performance and client relationships to financial management and resource utilisation.

A business intelligence solution will help by collecting and analysing structured data across the organisation. This can include data from project management systems, CRM systems, financial systems, HR systems and more. The solution will analyse this data to generate insights about various aspects of the business, such as which services are most profitable, which clients are most valuable, how resources are being utilised or how financial performance is trending over time.

Lock-up and Work In Progress (WIP) are vital financial aspects for law firms, significantly affecting cash flow and profits. A business intelligence solution will simplify their management by collecting, analysing and generating insights from various data sources like time recording, billing and case management systems. Such insights can uncover trends and pinpoint matters with long lock-up periods or lawyers with excessive WIP. Accordingly, firms can negotiate better payment terms or allocate additional resources, enhancing efficiency. Automating this process reduces errors and improves transparency, ultimately boosting the firm’s profitability.

Business Intelligence is a transformative solution for project management which enables proactive risk reduction. By aggregating and analysing data from diverse sources, a BI solution will identify potential risk factors like delays, budget overruns or resource inefficiencies. This empowers project managers to implement timely corrective actions, enhancing project outcomes, reducing the likelihood of claims, and safeguarding the organisation’s reputation and bottom line

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Business Intelligence
Case Studies

See how we have used Business Intelligence to provide invaluable insights for our clients.

The Process

From insightful consultation to the implementation of tailor-made solutions, LexTech covers your needs every step of the way

1. Consulting

Leveraging your insights, we meticulously evaluate your business processes and pinpoint areas ripe for technological intervention

2. Solutions

Once we understand your unique needs, we create a bespoke solution designed to meet your specific requirements

3. Implementation

managing every step of the process, we bring your customised solution to life and integrate it seamlessly into your business,

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