Data Capture

Legal should be one of the best forecasters of the next three months sales in any organisation. Forecasts all starts with data. Gathering structured, searchable data is imperative to gaining a meaningful insight into your organisations performance.

Defining a data capture strategy is the first step. This includes identifying the information your organisation needs to collect.

We assist businesses with data strategy and design and implement the data capture solution.

By capturing regulatory, legal or business processes into a single solution, we create a more secure environment for your data. GDPR audits no longer become a lockdown distracting occurrence and DAR’s become quick and automated processes.

We advise on the application of AI and machine learning. The data now provides insights for forecasting and trending. Our Business Intelligence solutions give a live view of the health of your business.

For example, if all your contracts are housed on single platform with live business intelligence you will now start to see:

  • The duration from start to conclusion of contract
  • The key terms negotiated
  • Your most accepted provisions
  • Your upcoming contract expiry and renewal dates
  • Your best customer by turnover and payment
  • Your best salespeople
  • Which products and services are in ascendancy or decline
Having little or no data is being like on the bridge of a ship in a fog.