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Performing a successful Data Subject Access Request while maintaining data privacy.

LexTech was given an assignment that demanded precision, efficiency, and a deep understanding of the Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process.

LexTech was given an assignment that demanded precision, efficiency, and a deep understanding of the Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process.

The Challenge

The task at hand involved conducting a DSAR review and subsequent data production operation for a client. The data collection and search process meant combing through approximately 200,000 documents, equivalent to 50GB of data, to identify those relevant to the request This meant scanning multiple layers of information, understanding the nuanced differences between them, and isolating the data points that were pertinent to the request. Added to the complexity was a time constraint. With a rigorous deadline of three weeks, the task was not only about processing a vast amount of information but also about doing so in the allocated timeframe. LexTech needed to maintain a delicate balance between the accuracy of the operation, to ensure no crucial data was overlooked and the proportionality of the exercise, to ensure a focused, cost-effective and time-efficient review process.

Our Approach

To address this multifaceted challenge, LexTech drew upon its comprehensive suite of consulting services and sophisticated technology, swiftly putting a strategic plan into action. We understood that the crux of this assignment was not only about identifying relevant documents but also about doing so quickly and efficiently to meet the tight deadline. Within 48 hours of receiving the data, we managed to drastically reduce the number of documents requiring review. This was made possible through the application of our advanced data extraction capabilities. This technology isn’t merely about speed, but about the discerning ability to sieve through mountains of data and pinpoint the rows and columns containing the data subject’s personal information. This intelligent extraction process ensured we were not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data but rather focused on the data points that mattered. We were able to quickly identify, isolate, and extract the necessary information, ensuring that our review was not only fast but also targeted and relevant. Upon the completion of this extraction phase, the refined data was delivered to the client for review. Here, a critical layer of security was added – redactions were applied as necessary, ensuring the preservation of privacy and adherence to data protection guidelines. Through this meticulously designed solution, LexTech was able to execute a demanding task with precision and efficiency.

Data Subject Access Request

The Outcome

The efficient and effective solution deployed by LexTech led to a significant reduction in the volume of data handled by our client. Through the application of our systems, we managed to condense the client’s dataset by a remarkable 95%. This wasn’t just about shrinking data volume – it was about delivering high-quality results under a tight deadline. By minimising the dataset to a fraction of its original size, we were able to ensure disclosure was not just met, but comfortably achieved well within the client’s timeline. The process also led to significant cost savings for the client. As we all know, time is money, especially in business. By speeding up the review process and reducing the volume of data to be scrutinised, the client was spared substantial expenses. Beyond the direct cost and time benefits, this exercise had wider implications. It demonstrated LexTech’s unwavering commitment to maintaining data privacy and upholding GDPR compliance standards. It also served to showcase the capabilities and effectiveness of our DSAR services. This result embodies LexTech’s overall mission – leveraging technology to create practical, cost-effective solutions for complex data challenges. Our work goes beyond meeting requirements and is about enhancing operational efficiency, safeguarding our client’s interests, and instilling trust in our ability to handle sensitive data tasks with precision, speed and care.

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