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Minimising Operational Insurance Risk Through Technology

The company deployed a multi-faceted technology solution to reduce risk and amplify its operational efficiency.

This case study centres around a waste management company based in Dublin that has successfully mitigated its operational risks by leveraging a comprehensive technology solution, transforming its business processes and boosting its operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Our clients were facing the frequent occurrence of insurance claims due to incidents on the road or on site, all of which posed significant operational and financial risks.

The traditional system in place, which relied heavily on paper based reporting and manual processes, was inadequate to mitigate these risks effectively. The process was slow and error prone, which sometimes led to miscommunication and delays in incident reporting. Moreover, lack of real time data resulted in prolonged response times, making the situation worse.

Without an efficient system to record, manage, and analyse incident data, the company found it difficult to implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of such incidents happening in the future. This highlighted a need for a solution that would not only streamline the reporting and management of incidents, but also play a crucial role in reducing the risk of future occurrences and insurance claims.

The Solution: LexTech’s Incident Reporting Portal

The company deployed a solution to reduce risk and amplify its operational efficiency. Included in this solution was a mobile app, allowing employees to log incidents in real time. In addition, a cloud based platform was implemented to ensure adherence to environmental health and safety regulations. The system’s ability to capture incident data removed the need for paper and pushed the company further into the digital age.

The Benefits

The implementation of the solution brought about significant benefits for our client: 

Structured Incident Data: The mobile app captured data that included location and incident details as well as photo and video evidence. This data proved invaluable for incident analysis and fostering preventive measures.

Paperless Operation: By doing away with paper, the solution not only promoted efficient data management but also primed their operations for automation.

Real-Time Incident Reporting: Empowering drivers and staff to log incidents from the roadside or client site in real time led to quicker response times and more effective incident resolution.

The Impact

The technology solution led to more efficient operations, improved incident management, enhanced regulatory compliance and reduced risk for our client. The success of this solution has positioned our client as a model for operational efficiency and safety in the waste management sector.

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