The Jones Engineering Group


The Jones Engineering Group implemented ConTrack in 2020 to streamline how claims events are identified and captured while on construction sites. Events are captured via a mobile app, with supporting narrative, photos, and video footage, automatically notifying JEG management. Claim events are then triaged in-house and managed through LexCon’s cloud-based platform. 


The first challenge was the removal of spreadsheets from the issue and notice management process. Secondly, moving and consolidating all relevant construction contract documentation to a centralised, structured cloud-based library.

How the solution helped

The ConTrack platform and App allows the Jones Engineering Group to record claims events, collate proofs, and tracks proofs to claims events in a centralised repository. The platform enables the Jones Engineering Group to track all claims from origination to resolution and provides rich business intelligence.


The use of ConTrack within the Jones Engineering Group has increased the efficiency in how claims events are captured and managed, minimizing risk and reducing costs.