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What will your industry look like 3 years from now?


We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Competition is fierce. According to research from Dell, 48% of business leaders are unaware of what their industry will look like 3 years from now. 45% of the same business leaders fear to become obsolete in 3-5 years. Many organisations are nervous about the growing number of start-ups aiming to disrupt the status quo. 

Large legacy organisations are trying to combat this by creating new agile teams in-house or through the acquisition of forward-thinking start-ups. Dell’s research indicates that 60% of companies are unable to meet their clients’ top demands, such as better security and always-on access to services and information. 

There is a sense of panic within many organisations, with some already suffering the effects of disruption from digitally savvy competitors within their sector. 

What should you consider when embarking on your organisations Digital Transformation project? For one, keep in mind that successful projects are about managing outcomes. A digital transformation project delivered on budget and on time will fail if the result does not meet users or clients expectations. For businesses to remain relevant, they must embrace this digital revolution.{

What does it mean to be “always on?” It means never going dark on your customers. It means deftly managing your supply chain, your logistics and your IT to put the right technology, the right experiences and the right products in the right place. Real-time business doesn’t just react to the market, it dictates the market and forces the competition to keep pace or get out of the way

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